I am so excited to be going on my first cruise in a weeks. For some strange reason, I have been fascinated with going on a cruise for years and all of my friends felt that they were for old people and never wanted to go. Now my mother, son and I will board the Carnival Sunshine for a 5 day cruise. Here is our itinerary:

I have looked at so many videos, read plenty of blogs and researched everything there was to do and eat on the ship. Here are the things I cannot wait to do once I get on board the ship.



This is something that my son and I want to do on the first day. How cool is it to have a mini waterpark on a cruise ship. It includes a Twister Waterslide, hundreds of feet of spiraling awesomeness that starts you off high in the air and gets you down low with one of the fastest, wettest rides you’ll find anywhere. It also includes side-by-side racing slides, so my son and I will most definitely be competing on who can get to the bottom the fastest. Of course since I am taller I will win for sure (I hope).



This is an above ground rope course. We will be safely strapped in. I love the challenge of an obstacle course and I am thrilled to be able to do this on my vacation with no extra charge.

hasbro the game

Hasbro, The Game Show

Who wouldn’t love to play a GIANT version of their favorite board game? Well on this cruise we have that option. Carnival Sunshine has SORRY, SLIDERS, YAHTZEE BOWLING, CONNECT 4 BASKETBALL, OPERATION SAM DUNK, SIMON FLASH. One of my son’s first board games was Connect 4. He still plays it to this day (missing pieces and all).

camp carnival

Camp Carnival

This cruise just gets better and better. They have a camp ON THE BOAT for kids of all ages. I can go do adult things and my son a can go meet new friends and do lots of fun activities with kids within his own age group. It’s a summer camp and family vacation, all in one! SCORE!! They will do tons of fun-filled, age-appropriate activities including arts and crafts, dancing, movies, toy-time and video gaming! When it’s mealtime, kids get their own menus, with faves like mac & cheese, chicken nuggets, which are my son’s two favorite foods. They also offer a Night Owl option for an additional fee if I wanted to do some late night fun.


Seuss at Sea

The wonderful world of Dr. Seuss is on board of this ship. They offer an onboard character parade, interactive story time, arts & crafts, and what I am looking forward to the most is their Green eggs and ham breakfast.  I know you may be thinking eww green eggs and ham yuck! But the picture look so tasty and fun. As long as it looks pretty and smells tasty, I will try it. There is an additional fee for this breakfast, but I am sure the memories will out way the cost.


dr. seuss breakfast


I saved the best for last. Now this is a disclaimer: I LOVE FOOD! I live to eat not eat to live, so the multitude of different food options has intrigued me more than anything. For the most part everything is included. They do have specialty restaurants that cost an additional fee.


Dining Room

I have seen so many reviews and picture of the tasty food they are serving in the dining room. This is where we will go to have our nightly dinner. We will get all dressed up (casual dress) and head to try some amazing dishes. This is also where we will have our formal dinners

guys burger joint

Guy’s Burger Joint

One of my favorite Food Network TV personalities has a burger joint on the ship. I love a nice, fresh, juicy grilled burger. I defiantly had to add this to my “To-Do’ list.

cooking demo

Cooking Demonstration

I love to cook, watch cooking shows and even pretend that I have a cooking show. I would love to do a cooking demo in front of an audience. I think this would be so fun




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