50 Things I want to teach my son


Kids grow up so fast. Before you know it they will be grown and own their own. My son is seven, but it seems like yesterday that I he was a baby and I was wondering how he would be when he is older. Now that he is older I want him to be a baby again. I know that will never happen though. I want to make sure that his father and I impart some wisdom into him NOW that he will remember forever. I made a list of 50 things that I want to teach my son.

  1. Keep God first.
  2. Honesty is ALWAYS the best policy.
  3. Hold the door open for women
  4. Always make sure you smell good, but use cologne sparingly.
  5. Dress to impress. Your appearance speaks before you do.
  6. Stick up for yourself, but don’t be a bully.
  7. Always look someone in their eyes when you are talking to them
  8. Showing emotions does not make you weak.
  9. Always be a gentleman. Keep chivalry alive.
  10. Learn how to cook. (Women love that).
  11. Never have unprotected sex unless you are married. And NEVER trust the words “I am on the pill”.
  12. Send me flowers on my birthday and NEVER forget Mother’s Day.
  13. Always take your hat off when you enter into someone’s house and never where hats at the dinner table.
  14. Remember that trust has to be EARNED, and once it is broken it is hard to get back
  15. Have a firm handshake.
  16. Treat EVERYONE with respect, regardless of their race, religion sexual orientation or job.
  17. Never chew with your mouth open.
  18. Never hit a women. No matter how mad you get be the bigger person and WALK AWAY.
  19. When walking down the street with a women, always walk on the side closer to the traffic.
  20. Women love unexpected gifts.
  21. Don’t be afraid to tell people you love them.
  22. Learn how to compliment a women.
  23. Don’t let fear dictate your actions.
  24. Always be nice to your mother.
  25. Spend time with the people you love. Life is short.
  26. Learn how to say “I’m sorry” and mean it.
  27. Never kiss and tell.
  28. NEVER, NEVER drink and drive.
  29. Keep breath mints or gum in your pocket.
  30. Believe in yourself.
  31. Learn the art of killing with kindness.
  32. Don’t be late.
  33. Remember that your word is your bond.
  34. Keep your nails clean.
  35. Never scratch yourself in public.
  36. Life isn’t always going to be fair.
  37. When a women says “I’m fine”, chances are she really isn’t.
  38. SAVE! SAVE ! SAVE ! but don’t be stingy. Money comes to those who are willing to spend.
  39. Work hard at everything that you do.
  40. Always take responsibility for your actions.
  41. Be a leader
  42. If you ever get stopped by the police. PLEASE just comply
  43. Always be considerate of other people and their feelings.
  44. Your actions, not anyone else’s will define who you are
  45. Pants above the waist. ALWAYS!
  46. It’s okay to lose, it’s a part of life
  47. Don’t give up no matter what.
  48. Your grades are merely keys to open doors in life. Your efforts and the skills and traits you pick up along the way are what paves your road to success
  49. Don’t pick fight, that’s a mark of a weak man.
  50. Pick your battles.

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