Teacher Appreciation: Flower pen

Teacher Appreciation: Flower pen

Flower DIY

As I stated previously that this week is teacher appreciation week. I wanted to make something for his teacher that was practical, cheap and cute. I came up with the idea of flower pen set because teacher are always using pens, markers, sharpies, etc. I found all of these products at Dollar Tree except for the hot glue and little rocks because I already had them. This was a $5 gift that will last a lifetime

What you will need

Flower DIY

  • Ballpoint pen (I prefer Bic brand)
  • Floral tape
  • Artificial flowers
  • Hot glue
  • Mini flower pot
  • Little rocks

Flower DIY

Step One

Remove the cap and the plastic end cap on the pen. (Like my picture) This was the hardest part of the whole DIY. I carefully used some scissor to pry the end off. If you crack the ends its okay it will be covered with the floral tape anyway.

Flower DIY

Step Two

You will to cut your flower stem to about ½ an inch long. I was able to pull the flower right off the stem.

Flower DIY

Step Three

Then put a generous amount of glue in the top of the pen, where the plastic end cap used to be.

Flower DIY

Step Four

Quickly add the flower inside the top of the pen and hold there for about 45 seconds or until the pen is set

Flower DIY

Step Five

Then it’s time to wrap the floral tape around the pen to give a more a more realistic look. I started from flower end and worked my way down

Flower DIY

Step Six

This step is optional but I added rocks that I had from an old fish tank. You can also decorate the flower pot.

Flower DIY



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