2017 Vision Board

2017 Happy New Year

2017 Happy New Year

I hope that all of my blogger fam has a blessed and prosperous New Year.

One of the things that I like to do at the top of the New Year is a Vision Board. Vision Boards are to help visually focus on specific life goals. A vision board is a collage of pictures, images, and affirmations of your dreams, goals and things to make your happy. It can be used to represent what you want to be or have in your life. You will be surprised how much they help you accomplish your goals. What we focus on expands.

One of the most powerful mind exercises is visualization. Once you start visualizing something you are emitting powerful frequency into the universe, so your vision board should also focus on how you want to feel.

Getting Started

I am sure that most of us has an idea about what we want out of life, what our goals are and what makes us happy. Here are somethings to think about when creating your vision board

  • What in your eyes would make a good life
  • What do you want to accomplish (this year)
  • How do you want to feel throughout the year
  • What hobbies and activities do you want to try or get better at
  • Career, school, relationship, parenting goals

To make the vision board you need to gather a few material

  • poster board
  • glue or tape
  • scissors
  • sharpies
  • tons of magazines
Vision Board Materials

Vision Board Materials

Once you have gathered all your materials give yourself a stress-free hour or two to put the board together. I like to set a relaxing mood. I turn the TV off put some music on and light some relaxing candles. I thumb through the magazines and cut and rip everything that appeals to me. It might be a picture it might be a word WHATEVER I rip it out and set it to the side.

Vision Board

Vision Board

Then I start placing the word and pictures on the board in random order. I don’t start taping or gluing immediately. I like to lay the stuff down and then come back to see if this is where I want to place it. (IDKY lol) I like to leave some space on the board and not have it to clutter to give my brain a chance to scan everything. It’s a lot less cluttered this way.

Vision Board

Vision Board

However some people like to fill their board up and leave no space between pictures. Something like the picture below. It’s your board and do whatever makes you happy.

Vision Board

Vision Board

This is a good activity to do with kids also. This year my son and I will do a one I cannot wait to see what he puts on his.

Shay's Portal

Shay’s Portal


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