Elf on the Shelf: Day 7

So the other day Snowball tide up spider man [HERE] So i call this Spiderman’s Revenge

Spiderman's revenge

Spiderman’s revenge

The sign on the mirror says “HELP SPIDERMAN did this” and Spiderman has a sign that says

Spiderman's revenge

Spiderman’s revenge


This brings me to another tip  Elf on the shelf tip #3

PLAN! PLAN! PLAN! this should really have been tip #1. I started on Pinterest gathering all my inspiration from there. Then I created a list of all the possible ideas I wanted to try. Then I printed a calendar and put in the all the ideas in order. Then you will need to make a supply list of ALL the materials that you need. Its a lot of work BUT it soooo much fun and my son loves to see what Snowball will get into each day.



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