Elf on the Shelf: Day 3

Snowball colored a picture

Snowball colored a picture

As I was scrolling through Pinterest for ideas on what Snowball should do, I came across this picture of the elf coloring.[HERE] My son loves to color pictures and I thought this was a perfect way to incorporate something my child likes with this new member or our family.



Snowball colored a picture of himself and had a coloring page for my son. Snowball says once the picture is done he will bring it to Santa. My son was super excited to color the picture so Snowball could take it to Santa.

My son coloring his picture from Snowball

My son coloring his picture from Snowball


Picture in picture

Picture in picture



Elf on the shelf tip #2

Take lots of pictures. What better way to remember a memory than by looking at it. I took lots of picture from all different angles in order to get that “PERFECT” picture. I also want to make a book of Snowballs adventure for a keepsake. Just make sure you remember which day he did what because 25 days (we start on the first of December) might not seem like a lot but it is.



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