Happy birthday to me

Happy birthday to me

Today is my burfday! (HEEEYYY fellow Scorpios). I am so finally 22 (plus 10 lol). I Thank God for allowing me to be here this long. The older I get the more time seems to have sped up and the years are flying by. I feel like there is never enough time to do what I really want to do. It is amazing to see how things can change over the course of a year. I am learning so much about myself and I cannot wait to see what else God has in store for me.

I want to share with you somethings that I have learned on this looooonnngg 22 (PLUS 10) years.

Slow down and enjoy the moment

SAVE MONEY. Think twice before buying unnecessary items

Plan & people change AND THAT’S OK..Life goes on (I promise)

Make yourself proud

Pick your battles..everything isn’t worth a response

STOP worrying what others think of you. People will have an opinion whether you’re doing good or bad, SO DO YOU BOO-BOO

You get more flies with honey, than you do with vinegar. In other words BE NICE, KIND & HUMBLE

STOP JUDGING OTHERS you could very well be walking in their shoes one day

YOU CANNOT CHANGE PEOPLE (tuh hard lesson that I had to learn)

No one is going to do anything FOR YOU. Make that shit happen yourself

Stop WORRYING/STRESSING over things that you cannot control #pointless

Cherish the ones you love. LIFE IS WAY TO SHORT

These are the things that I have learned through the years. Some I had to learn the hard way and others well ya know I picked up along the way. So let me go blow my candles out and enjoy the rest of my birthday.


*Also share some tips that you have learned through the year to add to my list.

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