I haven’t done a blog review in quite some time, so HERE WE GOOOOO. I was recently sent a Chapstick Voxbox from a company called Influenster (Who R they).

Chapstick Voxbox

Chapstick Voxbox

I received Chapsticks 100% Lip Butters in Green Mint Tea, Sweet Papaya and Pink Grapefruit.

Green Mint Tea, Sweet Papaya and Pink Grapefruit #chapstickplease

Green Mint Tea, Sweet Papaya and Pink Grapefruit

I am a person with extremely try lips. I use lip balm, lip butters and chapsticks very frequently. I was more than excited to try these lip butters.

What’s the FIRST thing you do when you get a lip product? SMELL IT.

  • Green Tea Mint ❤ has a very VERY soft mint smell. Like it’s barely there. For the people who don’t like strong scents this is PERFECT.
  • Sweet Papaya ❤❤ smells very fruity and tropical. The scent is also light but a little bolder than the Green Tea Mint
  • Pink Grapefruit ❤❤❤  this smacks you with the smell of citrus. I smelled this and was like ahhhh and smelled it again like 3 or 4 more times.

So after I smelled them I tried them on they glided on my lips like BUTTA (butter lol). I have had some chapsticks that as soon as you open it it’s so hard you have to rub it on your lips a few times to soften up. NOT THE CASE HERE. Super smooth and it is so long lasting. This is coming from a person with dry lips. I did lick my lips to see if it had a taste but it doesn’t (shrug). These chapsticks contain 100% natural ingredients including Mango, Avocado and Shea Butter and suppose to keep your lips moisturized for 8 hours. They are priced around $2.49 not bad for 8 hours of wear and 4g of products. To purchase these lip butter [click here] I strongly suggest that you do.

Chapstick Sweet Papaya #chapstickplease

Chapstick Sweet Papaya

Chapstick Pink Grapefruit #chapstickplease

Chapstick Pink Grapefruit

Chapstick Green Tea Mint #chapstickplease

Chapstick Green Tea Mint

*I received these products complimentary for testing purpose, however this did not influence my opinion.

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