Lay’s “Passport to Flavor” Review


So I love food. In real life food is B.A.E. (before anything else) hahaha. As the world was watching the 2016 Olympics Lay’s decided to release four new chips in their Passport to Flavor. Each one of these chips takes your taste buds on a global adventure. They are all layered with flavor and the more you chew the more different spices you taste. So without further ado here are the flavors from best to least favorite.


Greek Tzatziki


These are basically a fancier version of sour cream and onion chip. The tzatziki flavors are spot on. They have a dill and garlicy taste with some creamy end notes of yogurt. Once I started eating these chips I couldn’t stop. I loved them. Plus they were on a wavy chip and to me was a perfect chip for this flavor.


Indian Tikka Masala


When I opened the bag I got a good whiff of the strong Indian spices. I am a huge fan of the Indian food and Tikka Masala is my second favorite dish next to Butter Chicken. To me these chips are mixture of the two. I love them. There is a strong curry taste with hints of cumin and turmeric. Lay’s put all these yummy flavors on a kettle chip. Another WIN!


Chinese Szechuan Chicken


These chips were really good to me. However they end spicy note is NOT for your girl. But when you open them you can smell all of the Asian flavors that are probably in your favorite take out. Chinese take-out in a chip. It was like a party in my mouth with ALL the different flavor components soy sauce, chili sauce, garlic, ginger and a hint of sweetness. I didn’t taste any chicken, but nonetheless it was WAY too much flavor. Lay’s paired these bold flavors on a regular chip which are PERFECT.


Brazilian Picanha


I had no idea what Picanha was and according to Lay’s it’s steak and chimichurri, which I have never had. These to me were just not good. The flavors were all muddle. There is a strong smokey paprika taste with hints of garlic, parsley and a little oregano. These were also on a plain chip to balance all of those bold flavors.



I overall think that Lay’s did an awesome job matching the flavors of dishes around the world. They did an even better job pairing the chip with the flavors. Everyone taste buds so try them and let me know which is your favorite. If you have tried any of these chips, tell me which one was your favorite!

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