As I get older fall is becoming more and more my favorite time of year. I am over these hot humid days. My son and I are both back in school and my schedule hectic. But my busy schedule is


Since fall has officially begun, I thought that I would share 10 reasons why I love the fall:

  1. PUMPKIN SPICE– I am really a pumpkin spice addict. Lattes, cookies, donuts, granola, etc. If its pumpkin spice I will try it.
  2. BACK TO SCHOOL– High a** summer camp is over and the kids are back to school and I couldn’t be happier.
  3. MY BIRTHDAY– My birthday is in October so um yea I love the fall for that reason DUH!.
  4. CRISP MORNINGS & CHILLY EVENING– The weather is almost perfect. There is a perfect mix of sun and clouds and there is a slight chill in the air creating the best weather.
  5. SOUP– I am a soup lover. I really make soup all year around but its better in the fall/winter months when I can eat it without sweating (ya feel me)
  6. SCAVES– a little something cute to dress up an outfit
  7. FALL DÉCOR-I love the fall colors and smells
  8. DARK COLORS-Dark polish and lippies are back in YESSSSS!
  9. PUMPKIN PATCH– I have and probably always will LOVE picking out pumpkins and the pumpkin patch

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