30-Minute Meal:Portobello Pizzas

Every so often, I will have pizza night at my house on the days that I just feel like BLAH! Super quick super easy. I let my son make his own pizza. It is a great way to get him in the kitchen. What I do it lay all the ingredients out for him and let him go for what he knows. Lol! Here is his creation.

pizza night

So I am watching my girlish figure and opted out of the regular pizza crust and decided to use portabella mushrooms instead. I cannot express to you in words how much I LOVE portabella pizza. I love mushrooms so of course I would like it as a pizza…Duh!


So for the sauce I just used regular store brought pizza sauce. I warmed it on the stove and added some garlic powder and some chopped basil and let it simmer just long enough for the herbs and seasoning to blend.

Since both pizzas (his and mine) need to be brushed with olive oil, I decided to add some flavor to that as well. I put about 4 tablespoons of olive oil in a sauce pan with a smashed garlic clove and let it simmer on LOW for about 10 minutes.


Then we had the regular toppings, pepperoni and cheese.

pizza night2

Portobello Pizza

2 Large Portobello Mushrooms

4 T of pizza sauce

2 T olive oil

Pizza topping of your choice

  1. Preheat the oven to 400degrees. Line a baking dish with foil or parchment paper
  2. Brush the top and the bottom of the mushroom with olive oil.  pizza night3
  3. Lay the mushroom top side down and bake for 10 min
  4. Remove from oven discard any juice
  5. Add topping bake until cheese is melted pizza night4 pizza night7


My topping were cheese and pepperoni and a mozzarella and basil


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