You want a free month with no cell phone bill?


ME TOO! Well unfortunately this post will not tell you how. Lol National Cellphone Courtesy Month is the month to be more courteous while using your cell phone.


Nowadays EVERYONE and their grandmothers (literally) are using cellphones and we tend to forget cell phone etiquette. I know we have all been in the store and had someone is talking on their cell on speaker and you can hear their entire conversation (just rude).


So let’s have a mini Cell Phone Etiquette class.



Have respect for those that are with you and for the people that are around you. If you have a conversation with someone, give them your undivided attention. Do not scroll through Facebook or Instagram because it is just rude. Now I am guilty of this. I don’t mean any disrespect it has merely become a habit.



Don’t yell. Be mindful of your volume when on the telephone. Other people probably aren’t interested in your conversation. Also be mindful of the universal quite zones such as churches, libraries, theater, school programs, and the movies. Lastly do not make staff wait for you because you are too busy on your phone. If the call is that important step away from the table or simple get out of line.


Rule #3 BE SAFE

This should have been number one rule, but DO NOT text and drive or snap and drive. In a blink of an eye traffic patterns can change and if you are using your phone your focus is not on the road. The text, call or video isn’t worth a ticket or YOUR LIFE.


Ok class so with these three simple rules it’s time to start practicing these phone etiquette tips or common courtesy. Put the phone down sometime and enjoy the life around you.


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