cool summer

Summer is in full swing. It is HOT as crap outside. During the summer we are outside a lot for picnics, BBQ’s and sitting by the pool or the beach.

The downside of sitting outside in the hot sun is getting sick from all the heat. My son is a daredevil. Nothing stops him not even the heat. He wants to play outside and its 97 degrees outside and he swears he’s not hot even with sweat pouring down his face 🙄.


So I have to get creative in how I beat the heat and keep us cool in the summer.


Water, water, DRINK plenty of WATER.  They say it all the time but it is really really important. You want to be hydrated before you even get outside. My son isn’t a big fan of water, so I have to give him watered down juice or 100% fruit juice (which is mostly water and fruit anyway). I also give him Gatorade in a special cup and call it his Super Hero juice. (lol). Since he loves crushed ice so if I get a big insulated cup and fill it with ice he will chomp that down. It’s also a good idea to avoid caffeine 😱 They actually pull water from your body.


Find inside fun. I know its summer and we all want to be outside, but if the heat index is in the triple digits umm NO THANKS. I will take the AC please. I try to plan movie or museum trips on the days where it’s way too hot to play outside. I have also played fun indoor games like Jeopardy or something I find on Pinterest.


Dress right. If you are going outside its best to wear light colored clothing to reflect the light away from your body. Darker color attract heat and make your hotter (but not in a good way). You want to wear something lightweight and cool. I always try to make my son wear hats. It protects his head from the direct sunlight, while he’s looking cool in the process. Lol


But just make sure that you KNOW YOUR LIMITS. If you are starting to feel dizzy, having headaches or sick to your stomach it could be the signs of a heat illness. You need to find a shady place or somewhere with air conditioning and grab some water and RELAX.

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