Its summer and everyone loves to be outside. And it’s Friday and I am planning what I will do this weekend with my boyfriend. I started thinking of nice practical dates that we could have just us.

So I came up with 20 summer date nights that will not break your pockets. Since it is cost efficient I think that it is a lot more romantic. After all it is all about the time spent than how much the date cost.

  1. Picnic in the park
  2. Have a nerf war.
  3. Go to a free concert
  4. Watch the sun go down or come up
  5. Go for a hike
  6. Have a Redbox movie night
  7. Go for happy hour
  8. Go swimming
  9. Have a beach day
  10. Take a mini road trip
  11. Have a bbq
  12. Go bike riding
  13. Have a late night walk and watch the stars
  14. Have a water balloon fight
  15. Go skating
  16. Put a puzzle together
  17. Do indoor rock climbing
  18. Go miniature golfing
  19. Visit an ice cream parlor
  20. Have a homemade pizza night


Tell me which one of these idea you will be trying.



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