Summer Games: Jeopardy

I came up with this really cool idea for Kindergarten Jeopardy as summer time refresher for my son.


I know! I know school just let out but this is fun summer activities that will have him learning at the same time. It’s super easy too. I used colored index cards and each category has its own color.

The five categories that I chose were: Colors, Calendar, Science, Animals and Math. I chose five question for each category ranging from easy to hard.

When he plays by himself (and I keep score) if he gets a question right he gets the number or point on the card, but if he doesn’t get it right he doesn’t get the points.

If two people play if the person doesn’t answer the question within 30second the other person gets the chance to answer to get the question right. If neither get the question right no one gets the point.

I will also change out the question on the cards that he gets right.


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