6 Time Management Skills


During my 8 month “hiatus” from the blogging world, I was hit with a lot on my plate. I had to find a way to make everything work and have time for myself. It was easy but I came up with some 6 things that I did regularly to manage my time and keep myself on track. Managing your time is something that has to be done daily. Then you will get in a routine and then you will start noticing that you have more time in the day to complete the thing that need to be done.


The first step to time management starts the night before with some good old fashion SLEEP I need a 7-8 hours of sleep to function. You cannot function if you are tired. Even if you drink cup after cup of coffee. Plain and simple you need some good old fashion rest to be more productive. Some people think they can sacrifice sleep to get things done. However you need sleep for your mind to function. Listen to your body AND SLEEP.


After you get a good night rest you need to plan and break out the pen and paper. You to PLAN! PLAN! PLAN!. In order to manager your time more efficiently you have to know start out with a plan. I use a notebook for my to-do list and a planner to see the whole month on one page. I am an old fashion paper girl, but you can use your phone or computer GO right ahead.


Once you have planned and made a list of all that needs to be done then you need to prioritize. Since you can’t do everything put the important things at the top of the list. As you finish cross them off and whatever doesn’t get done add it to the list for the next day.


The next step is critical. Devote your focus on completing the task at hand. For some this may be easy, however I like to do several things at one time (rolls eyes mom life). I have learned to put my phone down and focus on getting this task done, so that I can move on to the next. If I am doing housework, I like to put on my favorite tunes to help get the job done.


Another tip to help you manage your time is to use your down time. Take advantage of every spare moment of down time to achieve uninterrupted focus on a pressing matter, even if it’s just organizing your inbox. I make important calls during this time or even squeeze in some quick cardio


My last tip has helped me tremendously. Make morning and night routine. Being a full time student, a mom and working full time I need some type of “structure” to avoid burn out. Since things can be so chaotic I tend to do the same things morning and night to help things go smoothly. After a while it becomes more than a habit and apart or our everyday lifestyle.





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