Since I’ve been gone…

Did you guys miss me since my last post?


So during my 8 month hiatus a lot has happened. So I will share them with you.


  • My son started Kindergarten
  • Started school FULL time in August (Yikes). Although it was extremely hard to juggle everything. I managed to make it work and passed all four of my classes with flying colors. (3 B’s & a C first semester and 2 B’s the second semester)
  • I hosted my first Thanksgiving
  • We did Elf on the Shelf (will defiantly do a blog post about this)
  • We started a happiness jar (later blog post)
  • My son had an awesome 6th WWE themed birthday party
  • I started some life changes as a part of my New Year’s Resolution (later blog post)
  • My son went to his first Nerf Gun war at his karate
  • My mother and I took my son to the Circus and we had an amazing time
  • My friends and I went to an old school concert and dressed in 90’s fashion

Still making baby steps to getting this blog back on a roll. Until next time..

Shay's Portal

Shay’s Portal



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