BACK TO SCHOOL PREP: 7 Things We Do Daily to Prepare for Kindergarten

7 Things We Do Daily to Prepare for Kindergarten

7 Things We Do Daily to Prepare for Kindergarten

Summer is winding down and it is almost that time of year again. BACK TO SCHOOL. This year my son will be going to Kindergarten in a big and he is super excited. All summer we would do little activities so that he wouldn’t forget the information that he learned in preschool. Now that he has less than a month left before school starts there are seven activities that we do DAILY to make sure he retained it.



  1. WRITING NAME. Every day I make my son practice writing his name. He must write it neatly
    Children's Writing Book

    Children’s Writing Book

    He personalized his book shortly after I took this picture. This made him more eager to work in the book because he made it his own. His handwriting isn’t prefect but the more he practices the better he will get.



ABC WRITING. My son also write his alphabet in this book. One day he will write all the abc, the next is lower case, then upper case. Sometime he uses the dry erase board and I will play a game of WHAT THE LETTER. I will call out a letter or make the letter sound and he has to write the letter both upper and lower case.




Number recognition My son can count and recognize number up to 100. I focus on him writing his number 0-20. He has trouble actually writing the number so we practice this more than his letter, which is has down packed. In his workbook. He has to write the number 0-20. We also use the dry erase board to write number.

4. Cutting & Pasting This workbook has tons of cut and paste pages. It is not easy for children to be able to use scissors PROPERLY. This work book is super fun he picks his page. He will sit down read the directions and follow them. He has to cut out pictures and paste them on the other page.


5.  Reading. Every night before my son goes to bed we have story time. He picks out three books from his bookshelf.


Then I get to pick what story he reads to me. This has helped him immensely with remembering his sight words and working on the phonics. This allows him to become more excited about reading.


6. Puzzles. Puzzles help kids with problem solving skills and great for kids self-esteem.


My son loves doing puzzles. We do them together or sometimes we do them as a race. I go super slow, so that he can beat me OF COURSE what kind of mother would I be if I didn’t. lol

Is there anything that you do to get your kids ready for back to school?

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