Finding time to blog

Finding time to blog

I have been blogging for about three months now. I am still trying to get figure out a good blogging schedule for me and find the time to actual post. I have a full time job, a five year who wants all of my attention when I come home and to add to my work load I have decided to go back to school full time (YEAAA MEEE). When I get home from work, I am making dinner, at karate classes, or just doing mommy things with my son.

Finding time to blog has me wanting to pull my hair out.

Finding time to blog has me wanting to pull my hair out.

I have so many ideas, recipes, and reviews that I want to share. I found a couple of tips that I will try and decided this will be a 2 for 1 deal. I can vent about my lack of time to make blog post and make an actual blog post AT THE SAME D@$N TIME. So here are the tips that I found

  1. Create a blogging schedule and create and editorial calendar for all the blog you want to post that month.
  2. Have an idea for a post write it down
  3. Schedule a time to blog and EVERYTHING else has to be on hold.
  4. Break up blog work into smaller task
    1. If you are doing a review or a recipe post take a day to do photos, editing and graphics.
    2. Then write the post another time

I will figure something out, but in the mean time are there any tips or trick that you have that you guys do to make blogging easier. I would love to hear them. Also do you have a posting schedule? I am eager to hear your feedback.

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Shay’s Portal



2 thoughts on “FINDING TIME TO BLOG

  1. everythingnothin says:

    Wow girl that is a ton on your plate!! I have a full-time job too and that alone makes it hard to find time to post. However, you have way more on your plate!! I feel overwhelmed sometimes too! However, making a blogging schedule has really helped me. I even posted it on my blog under the about section. This way it keeps me an check and my readers know when I will be posting on certain topics. It has helped so much.


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