REVIEW: Lay’s – Do Us a Flavor Contest


I seen a fellow blogger Everything & Nothin (go check her out she’s awesome) do a review on the new Lays chips. I decided to hunt the chips down and have chip tasting. I love trying new things, so why not blog about it.

A few year ago Lays started a contest where we the consumer pick a new chip flavor and then they turn it into a chip and then we vote. Lay’s offers the winner $1 MILLION DOLLARS⬅️ 😱 Now that’s a lot of dag of money for a chip idea. So this year’s finalist are Greektown Gyro, West Coast Truffle Fries, Southern Biscuits & Gravy and New York Reuben. I must say that I was amazed at the flavors of each of these chips. Lays does an awesome job of replicating the flavor profile for each chip. I was surprised by the one that I liked the best. So without further ado here are the chips from favorite to least favorite.


Southern Biscuits & Gravy

Southern Biscuits & Gravy

Southern Biscuits & Gravy

Now I know you may be thinking ewww really biscuits and gravy in a chip but it’s really good. I am shocked that I actually like it. When you open the bag you immediately smell the sausage. I is really breakfast in a chip lol. You can taste the peppery sausage with sage. I don’t taste the biscuit or the gravy so much.

New York Rueben

New York Reuben

New York Reuben

When I opened the bag it smelled just like Rueben. That is my favorite deli sandwich, so in my head I just knew that this be my favorite. A Rueben is a sandwich with corn been, sauerkraut and Russian dressing served on rye bread. In the chip I do not taste the corn beef at all. However the rye bread taste is very strong and you will get a subtle hint of pickle and Russian dressing.


West Coast Truffle Fries

West Coast Truffle Fries

West Coast Truffle Fries

Let me start by saying that I have never had truffle fries or anything truffle. So I am unsure of how the chip compares to the original. The chip is okay. It tastes like its missing something. It is garlicky with a salty cheese flavor like parmesan cheese. You can also taste some parsley.



Greek Town Gyro

Greektown Gyro

Greektown Gyro

This was my least favorite. It does not taste like gyro at all. A Gyro is a heavily seasoned lamb or beef that is topped with creamy tzatziki sauce (tzatzkik sauce is just yogurt and cucumber dressing) topped with onions and tomatoes stuffed in pita bread. When you open the bag it smells very herbaceous. I can taste cumin, garlic, and maybe a smoked paprika flavor. I do taste a little bit of tzatziki sauce.


Overall I am impressed with the taste and creativity of the different chips. Lay’s plays a little mind game by bringing out the dominant flavors in a dish and adding it to the chip.

I encourage you to go and try each chip and tell me what you think.





6 thoughts on “REVIEW: Lay’s – Do Us a Flavor Contest

  1. everythingnothin says:

    Aw thanks so much love for mentioning me!! You are so awesome!! I loved reading your review and thoughts!!! I think these chips are seriously so much fun!! I didn’t like the Reuben, but that is only because I don’t like Reubens haha! My dad loved them! It still blows my mind how the Biscuits and Gravy chips taste just like the real thing. It is so crazy!!!

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