60 Crazy Awesome Uses for Vaseline


With all the beauty products we have on the market, we tend to overlook some of the classic products that have been around for years. Vaseline is a staple in my home and I has been around for over 150 years. This multifunctional cream can be uses for in so many ways from beauty, to around the house and even skin care. A big tub cost around $5 and will last you a long time because a little goes a long way. Here is 60 ways that you can use Vaseline.


  • Eliminates wrinkles
  • Makeup remover
  • Clear Mascara. Apply to your lashes it will help to define them & its WATERPROOF
  • False lash glue remover. Apply a little on your lash line a rub your falsies off.
  • Want thick and long lashes? Apply Vaseline on your lashes before bed
  • Tames your unruly brows
  • Highlighter. Apply a dap on your cheekbone and brow bone and it will give a dewy makeup look
  • To prevent lipstick on your teeth, add a little Vaseline on your teeth
  • Sooths dry cuticles ( and cheaper than cuticle cream or oils)
  • Take a q-tip with a dab of Vaseline and rub it on your week old nail polish to add a shine
  • Awesome lip balm
  • Add Kool-Aid to Vaseline and make flavored lip balm
  • Melt a few chocolate chips in microwave add to Vaseline makes chocolate lip balm.
  • Add sugar or salt to Vaseline to make a DIY lip scrub to exfoliate your lips
  • Add a lipstick to Vaseline and you have DIY cream blush
  • Removes chewing gum from your hair
  • Protect your skin from chemicals from hair dye, perms or relaxer by adding Vaseline to the hairline
  • Reduce scaling and itching from dandruff
  • Smooths frizzy hair
  • Hide dry, spilt ends
  • Make your favorite lotion last longer by mixing it with Vaseline
  • Maintain your scent of your perfume for a longer time by prepping your skin with Vaseline
  • Boost your eye serum by dotting Vaseline over your eye serum or face cream
  • Dab a tiny bit on your ear lobe to make earring insertion easier
  • Ear sore from earrings rub a little to relieve the soreness
  • Ease off a stuck ring

M & Sc

  •  Warm up Vaseline and use as a night cream
  • Prevent and treat chaffing
  • Use to smooth out skin after shaving
  • Helps relieve raver burn
  • Coat feet with Vaseline and cover with socks over night to heal dry feet (making them super soft)
  • Protect a sore nose from cold or allergies by dabbing a little Vaseline around the nostrils
  • Apply to cut or bruises to temporarily prevent it from getting dirty and infected
  • Gets rid of cold sores
  • Helps heals sunburn
  • Warm it slightly and can it be used for a massaging away back pain
  • Prevents diaper rash.
  • Heal and protect tattoos
  • Use to treat bug bites, poison ivy, and atopic eczema
  • Put a Vaseline on your baby’s eyebrows during bath time to prevent shampoo suds from getting into their eyes.
  • Put Vaseline in freezer for a few minutes and rub onto your forehead to sooth a fever.
  • Get rid of dry skin on your face from excessive washing
  • Soothes shoe blister. Dab a Vaseline on part that is rubbing against your shoe
  • Great moisture for extremely dry skin
  • Can protect and heal wind burn


  • Polish shoes
  • Use to remove makeup stains from fabric and clothes before washing
  • When painting put a little Vaseline on hands to keep paint from sticking
  • Keep ants away from pets dish by spreading a thin layer around the bowl
  • Rub Vaseline on the exposed edges of your carved pumpkin to keep it from rotting and frying out as quickly
  • Rub Vaseline on the inside of your candle holder to prevent the wax from sticking
  • Put a little on the hinges of a squeaky door
  • Rub polish on the neck of your nail polish bottles to keep the caps from getting stuck
  • Toy wheels can be kept lubricated by putting a little Vaseline on them.
  • Key won’t fit in a rusty lock add a thin layer of Vaseline to the key
  • Add Vaseline to Q-Tip and run Vaseline around the edges before painting. Splattered paint will wipe right off.
  • Keep squirrels from getting into bird feeder apply Vaseline on the pole that hold it up and the squirrels will slide right off.
  • Makes a great bug trap. Heat some up and pour a little on a lid jar and place wherever you see bugs.

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