Summer has to be my favorite time of year. More daylight hours means more time at the parks, pool, grilling, and summer vacations WHOOP WHOOP.  As a parent you have to worry about keeping your kids occupied during their break. This is perfect time to make long-lasting memories whit your family. So turn these next few months into a summer they will never forget.


So put turn the TV off and put down the electronics and use this list as a guide to have some FUN IN THE SUN.

  1. Catch fireflies
  2. Make ice cream
  3. Swim in dark
  4. Go to drive in
  5. Have a picnic
  6. Watch fireworks
  7. Visit farmers market
  8. Water fight
  9. Play Frisbee
  10. Go to a carnival
  11. Go to watermark
  12. Make Popsicles
  13. Make kite
  14. Make smores
  15. Family bike rides
  16. Go fishing
  17. Feed ducks
  18. make a bird feeder
  19. Make a pizza
  20. Camping in back yard
  21. Go on a morning run
  22. Go bowling
  23. Visit a museum
  24. Visit an aquarium
  25. Take a road trip
  26. Play freeze tag
  27. Paint rocks
  28. Go strawberry picking
  29. Make fruit leather
  30. Have a paint night
  31. Go to beach
  32. Make tie dye shirts
  33. Watch stars
  34. Go to laser tags
  35. Go go-karting
  36. Make a craft animal
  37. Do a science experiment
  38. Play Legos
  39. Go roller skating
  40. Make a home video
  41. Make sock puppets
  42. Go to library
  43. Go on the ferry
  44. Ride the tide
  45. Build sand castle
  46. Sleepover @ grandma’s house
  47. Finger paint
  48. Breakfast for dinner
  49. Visit a new park
  50. Go to zoo


Of course there is a lot more activities that you can do. This was just a few I came up with. I will be sure to document our summer bucket list fun in a separate post.


~What is on you list to do this summer? I would love to read your answers.





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