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Before the end of the school year ended I wanted to do something for my son’s preschool teachers. I scrolled through Pinterest and seen some really cute idea the one the stood out to me was the Crayon Framed Art. I thought what a perfect gift for a preschool teacher. It’s an inexpensive personalized gift that is so vibrant any teacher would love to have one. This project took me hour and half.

What I used:

watermarked 5

  1. Picture frame
  2. Tacky Glue
  3. Paper
  4. Crayons (2 boxes for one letter)
  5. Knife or cutting board

Step one:

I googled a printable letter and printed it to use as my guide. This is completely optional.

Step two:

I took the glass out of the frame laid it on the paper that I was going to glue the crayons on and traced my boarder.

Step three:

Place the printed letter under the paper that you are working with. I started in the middle of the crayon (I have no clue why) then worked my way down.

Step four:

Place the crayon in the position mark where you want to cut. Then cut

**When cutting you have to place the knife on a crayon and roll it gently while applying a little force. This will give you a straight cut.

watermarked 1

Step five

Glue the crayons. The key to making this artwork POP. Is its uniformity. You must make sure that all the crayons are facing the same direction.

Step six

I put glue in between the spaces of the crayon for extra hold. I wouldn’t recommend this if the glue you use doesn’t dry clear.

watermarked 4

Step seven

This is step is completely optional but I printed my son’s teachers name on labels and added it to an old folder and just cut it out. You could have you child write his or her teachers name or you can.

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