Where a kid can be a kid!


I took my son to Children’s Museum of Virginia for graduating preschool. He loves this place. It is entertaining for both children and adults. I remember when the museum opened in the 90’s. My elementary school took us there on a field trip. I remember how excited I was to be able to just PLAY and learn at the same time. They have since remodel and added some really cool exhibits since then. Every time I take my son I think we equally enjoy ourselves and go home completely exhausted.



The museum is broken up into two floors. The first floor has the best exhibits and I feel is geared to kids under the age of 6 years old. There is one room that I just love and that’s the Bubble room. In here you can create bubbles either with wands or small pipes to make bubbles of different sizes. You can even stand in this device and make a huge bubble around you.

IMG_2071 IMG_2073

There are three exhibits that my son cannot get enough of and that’s the From Farm to Food, Train room and safety. From Farm to Foodmart exhibit is set up like a grocery store. They have a produce, refrigerated section and an isle with common household food items. My son grabs his basket and picks out all of the items that he will be making for “dinner” that night. He goes to the register to scan his items and use a cash register to check out. In the back of the exhibit is a mini farm. The kids are able to collect eggs from chickens, pick vegetable, and even milk a pretend cow.


The Train Room Exhibit is perfect for kids and adults who love trains. This room has a huge train that travels around the room with a camera mounted on the front. As the train travels through the town you can view it on a big screen TV. The part my son loves the most is the Thomas & Friends area where they can play with toy trains on a train table. I always have to drag him out of there with promises that we will come back after we have seen all the exhibits.



The Safety zone exhibit is a large exhibits with different sections. One section is for fire safety. Kids can dress up as a fire fighters and put out mock fires and even play in a real life fire truck cab.

IMG_2031  IMG_1522-2


The second floor exhibit are geared more for older kids. There are two exhibits that my son loves upstairs. The first is My Backyard and Beyond his exhibits where the kids walk through a pretend house. This exhibit teaches kids about energy consumption and recycling. Then when you walk through the house to the backyard there are mini exhibits about insect and animals that would be found in your backyard. The kids can also learn and see how a tornado is made and see how objects in rivers can change the course of water flow.

IMG_2080 IMG_2081

The second exhibit that he likes is the CreARTivity exhibit. Inside this exhibit he likes to play with the pegboard. He also likes to do a puppet show.

IMG_2117 IMG_2116 IMG_2110 IMG_1570



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