20 Facts About Me


  1. I am a scorpio. My birthday is three days before Halloween.
  2. Having my son Elijah is the greatest blessing that I could receive from God
  3. I am the only child
  4. I tend to overthink and over analyze things.
  5. I love to try new recipes and crafts.
  6. I can not sleep in a room with the door open. It has to be closed. Having it open or cracked makes me feel like someone is watching me.
  7. I also have to have a pillow beside me. I have slept like this all my life.
  8. I love to eat. I will try any food that looks tasty.
  9. Hearing people hum in the bathroom really annoys me.
  10. I have hated coffee for years. I would never drink it. I tried it one day after having a restless night and have been hooked ever since. #coffeelover
  11. I really love and enjoy classical music.
  12. I want to have another child someday
  13. I am a nail polish junkie. I started my collection about two years ago.
  14. I love watching real crime shows like The First 48, Snapped, and Cold Justice. (no I am not trying to get any idea lol )
  15. I want to work from home. I am on a mission to get that done.
  16. I am left handed
  17. I HATE the feel of velvet on my fingers. It crips me out.
  18. My favorite ice cream is Hagen Daz Butter Pecan. I will also eat Vanilla too of any brand.
  19. I am addicted to my phone. It is literally in my hand 75% of the day. lol
  20. My favorite color is red.

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